Axis Biotec Brasil is a holding company which sponsors and manages research, development and innovative business in health and life sectors. With strong expertise in R&D, and also in sales and marketing, the companies of the group have proven efficient in translating research into innovative products and services.


Several of the companies under Axis Biotec Brasil umbrella are located in the Rio de Janeiro's Biotech Development Park.


Axis Biotec Brasil: where innovation and biotechnology means commercially viable services and products.


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Axis Biotec Brasil

Silvestre Labs® is a technology-based pharmaceutical company dedicated to development of innovative products, with facilities in Rio de Janeiro and sales all over Brazil. Dermatological Pharmaceutical Products, Biomaterials and Cosmetics are the company's specialties.

CellPraxis® Bioengenharia is a platform corporation dedicated to translating research into viable therapeutic tools in regenerative and individualized medicine.

Cryopraxis® is a biological material long-time storage corporation. Cryopraxis has the largest cryogenic storage facility in Brazil and one of the largest in the World.

PharmaPraxis® is a biotechnology, R&D and Business Company specialized in production, commerce and technology development related to therapeutic products derived from recombinant proteins (r-DNA) and products derived from hybridome technology.

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