Silvestre Labs®: First company of the group

Axis Biotec Brasil is a group of companies in Brazil that has developed a strong expertise in R&D, regulatory affairs, sales and marketing of pharmaceutical products, innovative health services, OTCs, as well as, niche and orphan drugs. The Axis Biotec platform has proved efficient in translating research into innovative products and services.


Silvestre Labs® (1989), Cryopraxis® (2001), CellPraxis® (2008) and PharmaPraxis™ (2009) are companies within the umbrella of Axis Biotec.

The following table illustrates some of the innovative products and services the Axis Biotec group has developed and launched:

Silvestre® group developed the technology for the synthesis of micronized Silver Sulfadiazine (Dermazine’s active ingredient).

Dermazine®, a topical broad spectrum antimicrobial agent with healing properties, was launched. Reference amongst Generic Drugs in Brazil.

GinoDermazine® was launched. Gino Dermazine is the first Silver Sulfadiazine antimicrobial product set for vaginal infection control and wound management.


Chron Epigen executes agreement to transfer technology of recombinant EPO


CellPraxis® USA, Cryopraxis® spin-off company focused on translating research into therapeutic tools in regenerative medicine, was incorporated in USA;

PharmaPraxis®, Silvestre’s spin-off, has the goal to become Brazil’s leading biopharmaceutical company;

Beginning of ReACT®’s development;

Patent issued for DentPlaque® in Brazil.

Eduardo Cruz wins FINEP Award of Inventor of the Year.


PharmaPraxis® signs an agreement with Brazilian MOH for development of the monoclonal antibody adalimumab;

Duo Cycles®, liquid soap with an unique concept for intimate women’s hygiene, and Colzen®, biological wound dressing are launched in Brazil;

Patent of Colzen® is issued in Europe and US;


PharmaPraxis® signs a Joint Venture Agreement with Probiomed from Mexico.


Cryopraxis® expansion: Improvement of storage capacity to 80,000 samples.


Cryopraxis® expansion: Improvement of storagecapacity to 80,000 samples and construction of 2 new labs


Silvestre Labs® signs a Joint Venture agreement with BluePharma (Portugal), establishing a new company: Blue Axis.


Patent of  ReACT® is issued in Japan.


Bite Free was lauched. Unique repellent developed and approved by Instituto Protetores da Pele.

Cryopraxis®  celebrates its 15th anniversary of a Strong leadership in the segment.


Cryopraxis® and São Paulo University (USP) engage in apartnership to conduct a clinical trial with umbilical cord blood (autologous) stem cells to treat children with neonatal hypoxia.


Plant Form Corporation and Axis Biotec Brasil will co-develop a key biosimilar monoclonal antibody drug for the Brazilian market with funding from Finep (Brazilian Funding Agency for Studies and Projects).


Dermacerium®, an immunomodulator and a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent was launched. This step represented a big evolution in topical therapy for Burns and chronic wounds. Patent filed in Brazil.

Cryopraxis®: Silvestre® spin-off, became the largest biological cryogenic storage facility and umbilical cord blood bank in Brazil and Latin America

DentPlaque®, an unique toothpaste which colors, destroys and prevents oral bacteria plaque, was launched. This outstanding product has already been used by more than 5 million children and adolescents since its creation. Patent issued in Brazil (2009).

Extra Graft XG-13® was launched. Totally biocompatible, this bone substitute was developed to behave as a cell proliferation matrix with bone growth-inducing properties. Patent filed in Brazil.

CellPraxis® was incorporated in Brazil to carry out clinical development stages of cell therapy and bioengineering products;

Dermacerium HS Gel® , antimicrobial and antiviral topical wound healing for herpes labialis and herpes zoster treatment, was lauched. Patent Filed in Brazil.

Cryopraxis® achieves 30,000 samples stored.

Patent of ReACT®’ is issued in US Russia;

PharmaPraxis® signs a Joint Venture Agreement with PlantForm from Canada.


Patent of Colzen® is issued in Japan and China.

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